About Our Client

Catholics for Choice is a nonprofit organization that lifts up the voices of the majority of Catholics who believe in reproductive freedom.

We worked with Catholics for Choice on a complete redesign of Conscience, a magazine of religious and reproductive freedom founded in 1980. The 40-page full-color publication covers topics of reproductive rights, sexuality, religious liberty and health care. 

The goal was to deliver a fresh and modern template that could:

  1. Appeal to and engage a younger audience without alienating the existing readership;
  2. Capture the energy, vibrancy and relevance of current work around reproductive rights;
  3. Speak to an interfaith audience (not just Catholics); and,
  4. Include stylesheets for easy maintenance by in-house staff moving forward.

This collaborative project included:

  1. An in-depth discovery process surveying the field and reviewing the trajectory of the publication over the last 40 years;
  2. Concept phase exploring cover concepts and styles for interior spreads;
  3. Custom cover and interior illustration; and,
  4. Delivery of fully styled InDesign template.