We work at Design Action because we want to use our skills for social change, whether that’s in shaping our own workplace or supporting social movements on a global scale. Check out our openings below, and then read on about some of the benefits and responsibilities that come with being part of our collective.

Current Job Listings

Thanks for your interest! There are no open jobs at this time, but subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on socials to keep up with new developments.

So, what’s it like working here?

If you join us, you can expect to…

  • Be your own boss! After a 9-month candidacy period in which you’ll be supported by a supervisor and a buddy, you’ll become a worker-owner with access to all the benefits and responsibilities of running a business and helping it grow.
  • Build a space centering queer and trans folks, women, and people of color.*

Check out our About section to learn more about our collective. But in terms of more work-oriented benefits, starting benefits for candidates include:

  • Flexible, remote schedules
  • Generous paid time off
  • Full health, dental, and vision insurance coverage
  • Access to Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent Care Account (DCA)
  • Regular political education and anti-oppression workshops
  • Opportunities for professional development in your chosen field
  • Participation in political and professional networks and conferences
  • Membership in the Pacific Media Guild, Local 39521 Communication Workers of America (typographical sector, AFL/CIO). (We may be owners of our business, but we choose to be in solidarity with workers through our union membership.)

Benefits over time include:

  • Participation in democratic decision-making around our work culture, policies, and projects
  • Development of soft skills like meeting facilitation, business management, supervision, and more
  • Profit-sharing through patronage
  • Access to 401(k) retirement plan

*Terms like POC (people of color), BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), and NBPOC (non-Black people of color) have historically been self-identified umbrella terms to unite folks racialized under colonialism and racial capitalism.

However, these terms can also be co-opted to impose artificial solidarities where there should be nuance; allowing us to gloss over individuals’ distinct geopolitical histories and their proximities to whiteness; and erasing the unique oppressions that Black and Indigenous folks experience. Since we know many of our community choose to use these terms, we rely on context to guide when we use them and when we leave room for deeper analysis.

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