About Our Clients

Movement Alliance Project works to build a healthy movement ecosystem where organizations succeed in making transformational social change. They collaborate with organizations and alliances to develop strategy, collectivize the administrative capacity emerging projects need, and convene groups to deepen the interconnection and solidarity within and across sectors of organizing.

MediaJustice (formerly Center for Media Justice) is building a powerful grassroots movement for a more just and participatory media —fighting for racial, economic, and gender justice in a digital age. MediaJustice boldly advances communication rights, access, and power for communities harmed by persistent dehumanization, discrimination and disadvantage. Home of the MediaJustice Network, they envision a future where everyone has sustained and universal access to open and democratic media and technology platforms.

Movement Alliance Project and MediaJustice created this site as a tool to support organizers and movements seeking to end pretrial detention and pretrial punishment. They think organizers need to pay close attention to exactly how these tools are used, and approach risk assessment with skepticism when it is presented as a solution to pretrial incarceration.

Project Highlights

  • Tool Site
  • Interactive Map – Color-coded map divided into clickable counties, displaying which RTA (Risk Assessment) tools are used, and the population number in stylized pop-ups. Also included is a link to request access to their database