Women march with megaphone, raised fists, and a sign that reads “End US-led Wars and Occupation.” The graphic reads “International Working Women’s Day. Third World Women Resist. March 8, 1 pm, SF Civic Center, with a list of co-sponsors at the bottom.

Design Action is co-sponsoring this year’s International Working Women’s Day March in solidarity with women’s resistance movements here and in Palestine. Join us this Friday as we demand an end to the genocide that is being funded by our U.S. tax dollars. 

Read on for the full #IWWD2024 Points of Unity!

  1. We assert that Palestine is a feminist issue. We denounce Zionist weaponization of feminist discourse to justify ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza, the destruction of Palestinian homes and sacred spaces, the vilification of Arab men, and the denial of the right to live and die in dignity. 
  2. We uphold the calls demanding an immediate ceasefire in Palestine and engage in joint struggle to permanently defund Israel and put an end to US-led wars, occupation, and settler-colonialism. We hold the Biden administration accountable for the grave misuse of US tax dollars to fund genocide in Palestine and escalate military aggression in the Middle East.
  3. We unite in our struggles for liberation, sovereignty and self-determination, by strengthening solidarity among Indigenous, Black and Brown women, trans and gender expansive communities and people with disabilities, from the Bay Area to Palestine and the Philippines.  
  4. We fight for rights of women, trans, gender expansive communities and people with disabilities’ to bodily autonomy and reproductive health and safety. We resist gender and sexual violence.
  5. We uphold the inherent human rights of poor and working women to live healthy and dignified lives alongside their loved ones. We value and acknowledge care work as essential labor.
  6. We honor the earth. We are committed to securing a just and equitable future by combating the accelerating climate crisis. We expose U.S. imperialism as the largest contributor to the rapidly worsening climate crisis with excessive carbon emissions, extraction of natural resources and advancement of wars of aggression that cause destruction to our global environment, waterways and food systems.
  7. We affirm the belonging of indigenous people to their ancestral lands and ways of being. We steadfastly defend and protect against capitalist extraction, colonial plunder, and the degradation of our communities and homelands. 
  8. We are fighting to keep our families together, from the US-Mexico border to the Rafah Crossing and beyond. We rise up against the violences of immigration, forced migration and displacement which result in unwilling detainees and refugees in our communities and rip our families apart. 
  9. We embrace the fighting spirit and right to resist in the face of injustice, genocide and colonial aggression. We rise against fascism, state repression, militarization, and incarceration as we advance our anti-imperialist struggle.
  10.  We uplift love, care, joy and celebration as a form of resistance. We create a culture that is generative, abundant, and mutually supportive.