Design Action Collective stands in full support of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, just as we stand firmly against the atrocities of imperialism and settler colonialism.

This is not a conflict between two parties of equal standing. Rather, it’s an enduring extermination project in which Israel has forcibly displaced, occupied, and enacted ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people for over 70 years with the support of the most powerful empires in world history. Meanwhile, Palestinians have attempted to maintain their right to sovereignty and autonomous existence against impossible odds and with restricted resources. 

We believe peace begins with recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to exist free from all detrimental and violent effects of Western imperialism, militarism, and hegemonic domination.

In pursuit of this goal, we demand:

  • Stop the genocide and institute an immediate, permanent ceasefire.  
  • Lift the siege of Gaza.
  • End U.S. military aid to Israel and cease all joint military & security operations, research, and development.
  • Free Palestine.