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William Ramirez, Graphic Designer: A transplant from the Dominican Republic, William holds a Graphic Design and Illustration degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. Previously, William worked as a graphic designer for over ten years. He was a founder of the award winning independent arts & culture magazine, La Vaina, and has worked for commercial companies, non-profit organizations, and independent artists.

Sabiha Basrai, Art Director: A graduate of the Art and Design program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sabiha focused her academic career on the history of anti-war poster art and visual strategies for social justice organizing. She is Co-Coordinator of the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action where she works with racial justice organizers to fight against Islamophobia. Sabiha is also a member of the Center for Political Education’s Advisory Board and a part-time faculty member in the University of San Francisco’s Department of Art & Architecture.

Josh Warren-White, Graphic Designer: Josh is a long-time social justice focused graphic designer. Josh has also worked as a community organizer on economic and racial justice issues. He is an active member of LeftRoots, has served as staff at Just Cause Oakland, the Catalyst Project, and AK Press. And Josh received a BA from the Institute for Social Ecology focused on community organizing.

Sarah Reilly, Web Developer: Sarah is a graduate of Miami University and studied multimedia design at SF State. Prior to web programming she was a video documentarian and has worked on films chronicling social movements and issues of environmental justice. Sarah is an member of Eastlake United for Justice’s anti-gentrification committee.

Ivy Climacosa, Art Director: Born in the Philippines. Raised in the Bay Area. Organized with and supported several organizations in the Filipino and other anti-imperialist communities since early 2000s.

Andrea Salazar, Web Developer: Andrea earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira in Colombia. Prior to joining Design Action, she worked as a freelance web developer for six years — specializing in database and open source content management systems. She is committed to the social justice movement and is passionate about issues of immigrant rights. Andrea is also excited to connect with and support other women of color programmers and developers.

Ria, Web Developer: Ria has been involved with graphic design and web development for over a decade. She is committed to increasing trans visibility, challenging cisnormativity, and playing a supportive role across the movement for social justice. Ria is involved with the Transgender, Gender variant, and Intersex Justice Project, a San Francisco-based organization that works to provide support to incarcerated trans, gender non-conforming and intersex individuals. She envisions a world without prisons where people of all genders can live and express themselves freely.

Bill Hogan, Web Developer: Bill earned an engineering degree at University of California, Santa Cruz. His political roots are in anti-militarization organizing, working in solidarity with communities fighting for self-determination, and challenging heteropatriarchy. When he’s not building websites, you can find Bill biking, reading terrible self-help books, or loving on other people’s dogs.

Jack DeJesus, Graphic Designer: A graduate of Laney College’s Applied Graphic Design and Digital Imaging program, Jack’s interest in design actually started during his previous career as a non-profit youth worker, where he had to occasionally create program brochures, event flyers, and other printed materials. He sometimes moonlights as the hip hop artist known as “Kiwi” of beloved Filipino rap group Native Guns. Raised in Los Angeles’ Koreatown district, he roots hard for the Dodgers, Raiders, and Lakers while also unpacking all the contradictions and militarism associated with professional sports. Jack enjoys dinners with loved ones, bicycle rides around the city, hiking in the redwoods, and fighting for National Democracy in the Philippines.

Victoria Yu, Operations Coordinator: Victoria is Design Action’s first ever Ops Coordinator and does a bit of everything, which fits her varied background of writing, design, admin, and teaching work. She spends much of her free time organizing to promote participatory budgeting in Oakland with the Community Democracy Project. The rest of her time is spent karaokeing and writing speculative fiction to put her MFA from Temple University to good use.

Riley, Graphic Designer: Riley has worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for a broad range of nonprofit and social justice organizations for the past 7 years. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, they hold an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Salt Lake Community College. Sara’s organizing work is currently focused on police and prison abolition, and they are especially interested in fighting against injustices related to the intersections of incarceration and gender. They are passionate about using art as a tool to fight against white supremacy, capitalism, and cis-hetero-patriarchy; and about autonomous organizing to support collective liberation in all its forms.

Joy Liu-Trujillo, Graphic designer: Over the past 20 years Joy has collaborated with creatives, local small businesses, and organizations dedicated to social justice as a designer for both print and web. Prior to Design Action, she worked as a cook, baker and bartender; served as interim creative director of Hyphen magazine; and helped resurrect the Womanist Journal at Mills College where she created a degree called “Women of Color Studies in Art & Cultural Resistance”. She gets to work with her partner on diverse children’s books as co-owner of Come Bien Books. Outside of design, Joy loves backpacking, camping, and hiking with other POCs, and makes a mean vegetarian ramen.

Past collective members:

Kym Thomas, Graphic Designer (& founding member)
Gopal Dayaneni, Strategic Communications
Amy Woloszyn, Graphic Designer
Erika DiVivo, Graphic Designer
Daniel Owens, Web Developer
Nadia Khastagir, Graphic Designer (& founding member)
Molly Jane Hammond, Graphic Designer
Poonam Whabi, Graphic Designer
Innosanto Nagara, Graphic Designer (& founding member)

Sabiha Basrai, California Polytechnic State University, 2004
Lara Amin, San Francisco State University, 2005
Tim Simons, Evergreen State College, 2005
Eva Silverman, Berkeley City College, 2009
Bena Li, Occidental College, 2009
Ria, California College of the Arts, 2012

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