Stop Killing Muslims in India

March 2, 2020 |  By Design Action Collective |  Categories: Action Alerts

Muslims in India are experiencing an unprecedented level of violence. In the latest escalation in Delhi during Trump’s visit, there were 47 people reported murdered, with hundreds being tortured and attacked by Hindu fascists. It is uncertain what the next period will bring. People in the U.S. are protesting at Indian consulates across the country to demand the Indian government stop their support of the RSS, BJP and Hindu fascist violence. Design Action Collective supports the demands for justice for protestors and the condemnation of the Citizenship Amendment Act

Download this poster and check out these organizations to learn more about local actions in your cities:
Equality Labs
Indian American Muslim Council
Alliance of South Asians Taking Action

South Asian woman in red sun glasses holding a sign that reads stop killing muslim people in India

photo credit Brooke Anderson

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