Serve the People Poster Grant – Results 5/8/09

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Thank you all for your applications. We’re extremely excited that so many great organizations doing such great work have applied. But we’re also overwhelmed with this excruciating decision, as so many of you are so deserving and would be an honor to work with.

Due to this unexpected volume of applicants, our reviewers are going to need a couple more days to go through the applications. We will contact you with the results (and post them to our website) on Friday, May 8.

Thanks for your patience!

The Serve the People Poster Project is a donation offered by Design Action Collective and Inkworks Press to your organization. All you have to do is present an idea, and if selected, Design Action will donate $1000 of design, and Inkworks will print 1000 full color, tabloid sized posters for you use as you wish. For free. Simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly are you offering?
Design Action will work with you to conceptualize and design a full color, 11×17 poster that serves your needs within $1000 worth of our design time. Then Inkworks Press will print 1000 copies of the poster (a $500 value).

Who is eligible?
Peace and Social justice organizations or groups of individuals who could use a mass produced poster to further their work.

What kinds of projects are you looking for?
We’re open to all your ideas, but some of the things that we tend to favor are:

  • Issue that are difficult to find foundation funding for, either because of subject matter or timeliness.
  • Organizations with a distribution plan, if not a demonstrated capacity to distribute 1000 posters. We hate seeing boxes of wasted paper sitting in offices months later.
  • Projects that have reasonable timelines and manageable decision-making teams.
  • But most importantly, we are looking for projects that feel like they will make a difference. We are open to public education campaigns, calls to action, even fundraising tools, if that is what is needed for good groups to get through tough economic times. Give us your ideas.

How often will this be offered?
In 2009, we are currently offering 2 donations. One in the Spring and on in the Fall. The deadline for the Spring poster applications is May 1, 2009. Fall application dates will be announced.

When will recipients be announced?
Spring 2009 applicants will be announced on May 6, 2009.

If our project is selected, how long will it take before we have our posters in hand?
This can of course vary greatly, depending on your decision-making process, when you need it by, the complexity of the concept we decide on together… and to be honest, how busy our designers are. But we believe a 3 week design process is the best, as far as maintaining creative momentum, but also having the room to think.The printing will take about 5 working days.

How often can we apply?
As many times as you wish. We won’t be able to do every project we wish we could, so if your idea is not chosen, it’s most likely because of the limits of our resources.

What if I want a different size/format/quantity?
That’s fine with us, but we would need you to find funding to cover additional printing costs that may incur.
The donation assumes full color one sided printing on paper of the printer’s choice with bleeds and no folds, diecuts, spot varnishes or other custom printing options. Not that we’re unwilling to consider additional requests, but this is what we can do for free.

How do I apply?
Application deadline has passed.

Please feel free to email: if you have further unanswered questions.

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