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Unlocking Opportunity

Unlocking Opportunity

Every night in California, nearly 4,000 youth lay their heads to sleep out of their homes, out of their community and away from their families as the result of a court ordered placement. Youth of color comprise the vast majority of these youth (88 percent). In fact, at every decision-making point in the youth justice system in California, youth of color bear the brunt of more restrictive options.

A new report from the W. Haywood Burns Institute, “Unlocking Opportunity: How Race, Ethnicity, and Place Affect the Use of Institutional Placements in California” presents an analysis of available state and county level data about the use of out of home placement in the state. The Burns Institute works to eliminate racial and ethnic disparity by building a community-centered response to youthful misbehavior that is equitable and restorative.

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Type of Work: Reports

Topic: Racial Justice

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