Stand Together Contra Costa County

Stand Together Contra Costa County Logo

Stand Together Contra Costa County Logo

Last year, in response to the rising-tide of racist attacks against immigrants, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved funding for a program, called Stand Together Contra Costa, to provide “culturally competent, no-cost rapid response support, legal defense services, and immigrant rights education and training to support families impacted by anti-immigrant policies and practices affecting Contra Costa County residents.”

Not long ago Stand Together Contra Costa reached out to us. They needed a logo, visual identity, and a website to launch their community defense hotline, and they needed it fast. Seeing the importance of the project in defending our communities, we took it on and dove right in. Between Design Action Collective and the Contra Costa Office of the Public Defender, we developed a great process of working together quickly and efficiently, and were able to turnaround the project in a matter of weeks.

Since launching on March 1, 2018, Stand Together Contra Costa has received a lot of strong press attention, and their programs are really catching fire. We are honored to be able to support this vital project defending our communities.

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Type of Work: Logos

Topic: Racial Justice

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