Save West Berkeley Shellmound

Living on Ohlone Land

Living on Ohlone Land

“Whether we acknowledge it, we are always in relationship with Indigenous peoples by living in, organizing, and producing events on their ancestral homelands. There are hundreds of Native Nations working to reaffirm their sovereignty and protect cultural practices, traditional lands, waters, and natural resources – the entirety of North America (Turtle Island) is made up of distinct and overlapping Indigenous territories. Each decision we make, each action we take, affects Indigenous peoples. Organizations whose work is grounded in social justice or environmental protection have a distinct obligation to integrate local Indigenous communities and issues into their mission.” (from event description)

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Another part of this graphics campaign is the ongoing struggle to save the West Berkeley Shellmound.

The West Berkeley Shellmound/Village site is the oldest inhabited site in the entire Bay Area.  This site once held a funerary/burial site of the Ohlone people, the original people of the Bay Area. It is older than the pyramids in Egypt and many of the major cities in the world.

Developers propose a five-story building with shops, apartments, and an underground parking garage be built on the site of a historic native village at 1900 Fourth Street, Berkeley, on what is currently Spenger’s parking lot. A coalition of Native organizations, individuals, and families, as well as groups and individuals involved in historic preservation, social justice, and cultural diversity have created an ad hoc committee to oppose this development.

Design Action Collective has been honored to stand in solidarity with the struggles of the original Ohlone peoples whose land we currently occupy, in the form of pro-bono design services.

This fight is ongoing and needs your support – please donate and learn how to support here

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