CeCe is Free!

CeCe is Free!

On June 5, 2011, neo-fascists attacked a group of young, queer people of color, yelling racist and transphobic slurs. After having a glass smashed in her face, trans* activist CeCe McDonald fought back in self-defense, fatally stabbing one of her attackers.

CeCe was arrested and charged with second-degree murder (which, after a plea bargain, was changed to second-degree manslaughter). During the trial, the judge dismissed evidence (in the form of swastika tattoos) of the attackers’ racism, and in a further act of transphobia, sentenced CeCe to 41 months in a men’s—not a women’s—prison.

During and after the trial, activists fought for CeCe’s release. Design Action created this image to celebrate the day she was released.

Type of Work: Posters

Topic: Feminism and Queer Liberation

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