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Brandi Martell

Brandi Martell

Brandi Martell, a 37 years old transgender woman was gunned down and killed a few blocks from our office in Oakland in April 2012.

Brandi worked as a peer counselor at the Tri-City Health Center’s TransVision program, a local direct service and advocacy organization for transgender/transsexual women. She mentored transgender youth and tragically, also helped organize Transgender Day of Remembrance, to honor transgender slaying victims.

DA founder and designer, Inno, felt compelled to design a poster to not only commemorate Brandi, but that could also be useful for action around transgender violence.

He wanted to create something that not only had meaning for the community, but could be useful for advocacy, action or education.

Read more about this poster on our blog.

Type of Work: Posters

Topic: Feminism and Queer Liberation

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