On the Road to Detroit – Allied Media Conference 2014

June 10, 2014 |  By Design Action Collective |  Categories: Events & Updates, News

We are excited to be heading to the AMC again this year, as well as being a co-sponsor of this year’s conference! This year Design Action members, Sabiha, Andrea, Sarah, Ivy and Nadia are presenting and participating in numerous workshops.

Come meet us here:
Muslims Making Media, Making Change
Thurs, June 19: Network Gatherings / 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Muslims Making Media, Making Change will focus on the media tools we are using in our communities to challenge violence with the hope of inspiring each other, building solidarity, and spearheading future collaborations. Mainstream media often reduces the diverse voices of Muslims. We are are made to be monolithic, silenced, relegated to the margins. Our own communities as well can make us feel isolated, judged, or policed. This gathering will be an opportunity for anyone that self identifies as Muslim through the spectrum of familial, spiritual, political, cultural, or ancestral connections.

Visualizing the Story
Sat, June 21, 9 AM: 3-hour workshop.
As cultural workers in campaigns for social justice how do we design effective visual messages while staying accountable to communities at the frontline of social injustice? In this session we will share methods of collaborative design that can generate compelling and politically relevant media. We will hone skills for creative problem solving in the process of developing a message and translating it visually. Participants will develop a message and visual concept for their own campaign or creative project.

Surveillance Self-Defense Skillshare
Sat, June 21, 2 PM
In the face of rampant surveillance by powerful forces, how can we protect ourselves while communicating online? This session will start off with a panel discussion and then move into hands-on breakout groups to skillshare in different areas: “Encrypt the Hood” w/ Jabari Zakiya; “What’s Your Type” w/ Mark Burdett/Andrea Salazar; “PGP Encryption Hands-on Jumpstart” w/ Jack Aponte

Worker Co-ops Work Well
Sun, June 22, 3 PM
How do we sustain ourselves in this work in a way that reflects our values? Members from several worker-owned cooperatives will share personal stories of the challenges and lessons learned being part of democratic workplaces. Join discussion groups on issues such as financial planning, meeting facilitation, and policy development. Bring your questions and ideas and leave with resources and tools for developing successful worker-owned cooperatives.

Creative Resistance and Direct Action
Sun, June 22, 10 AM, with The Ruckus Society
Creative, bold visuals and performances make a great center piece for every direct action and unify your group, amplify your message, inspire people to have a personal interaction with your work, and provide a visual story through symbols that clarify the issue. Through popular education exercises and tactical exploration, we will explore how to use art as a campaign and organizing strategy, and how to plan creative actions that make change irresistible.

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