Miami Workers Center Website Launch

November 9, 2010 |  By josh |  Categories: Case Studies, Web Resources

mwc_siteDesign Action is thrilled to announce the launch of Miami Workers Center’s brand-spankin’ new website! Design Action was responsible for the information architecture, visual design, and programming.

Miami Workers Center’s vision is to create a progressive political and social environment in South Florida that allows for the full growth and development of low-income communities of color. The organization is an inspirational strategy and action center, who build the collective strength of low-income people of color and their communities for power and self-determination. Miami Workers Center initiates and supports grassroots projects, known as Grassroots Councils, that are led by the people most affected by the social issues of our time: poverty, racism, and gender oppression.  Their organizing model emphasizes building the broadest and deepest base among their constituencies; developing their members’ strategic and tactical leadership; shifting the public debate around issues impacting their communities; and building alliances that enable them to amplify their power and message.

We were very happy to work with these bad-ass Floridians who have joined forces with many aligned organizations around the country in the Right to the City alliance, including Causa Justa/Just Cause in the Bay Area, who’s identity and website we also recently overhauled, and who were the recipients of our 2009 Serve the People Poster Project. Check out those projects here:

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