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December 30, 2011 |  By Design Action Collective |  Categories: Case Studies, Print Resources

knowlogo_coverAre you part of a social change organization that needs to update your logo that a friend put together 10 years ago in Microsoft Word? Are you confused by all the terminology, or where to begin when designing or redesigning your logo and identity materials?  Would you like to read a book more relevant to the world of social change than to the corporate business world?

Know Logo, a manual by Design Action and printed at Inkworks Press, talks about the What, Why and How of logo design for organizations which work for social change.

From the book:

The term “logo” is often defined differently and used to describe different things, even within the field of graphic design. Design Action works primarily with social change organizations (grassroots groups, nonprofits, unions and sustainable businesses) so we use the term to describe:

A signature image and text combination that identifies an organization, campaign or project.

The manual includes a breakdown of the jargon, the basics of what makes up a logo, and some reasons why having a logo is a good idea.  There are also eight Case Studies which discuss the process, the challenges and the arrival at the solutions.

A limited amount of books are available for purchase at $15. You can also download the PDF here. Know Logo book by Design Action.

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