Celebrating 15 years of Design Action Collective!

April 16, 2019 |  By Design Action Collective |  Categories: Events & Updates, News

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2018 marked 15 years of Design Action Collective’s work making art, graphics, and websites for our movements. We are grateful to all the activists and organizations we continue to work with. Thank you for helping us stay accountable to our social justice values. We look forward to many more collaborations as we build power together.

All out for May Day!

Years ago, Design Action chose May 1st as the day to officially incorporate as a worker-owned coop here in Oakland. Every year we would gather with members of the Network of Bay Area Worker-owned Cooperatives to celebrate workers rights. And as May Day has become a day of action because of the leadership of folks like Oakland Sin Fronteras, we continue to show up in solidarity with all those fighting for collective liberation. We hope to see you in the streets this May Day!
























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