Allied Media Conference 2013

June 28, 2013 |  By sabiha |  Categories: Events & Updates
Andrea Salazar presents a case study at Design Action's workshop, "Designers + Developers + Clients src=

Andrea Salazar presents a case study at Design Action’s workshop, “Designers + Developers + Clients = !!!”

Design Action members headed to Detroit again this summer to build on conversations started at last year’s Allied Media Conference and to learn from all the awesome media makers and activists who came from around the country (and some international folks too).

At our workshop “Designers + Develpers + Clients = !!!”, Sabiha, Andrea, and Sarah presented case studies of successful collaborations highlighting best practices for creating websites for social justice organizations. Participants of this workshop came with questions to ask and challenges to share in a discussion so we could help each other come away with new insights on effective collaboration. You can read more about our discussion here.

Design Action also participated on a panel titled “Making a Living & a Life in Radical Tech” where we discussed ways to sustain ourselves in this work. Sabiha described the worker-owned cooperative model and offered advice to those starting new shops of their own. Notes can be seen here.

In addition to presenting, we attended workshops on data visualization, online surveillance and security, and research justice. We came back to Oakland with new skills and a sharpened framework for continuing our work creating communication tools for social justice campaigns. We look forward to working on more projects with you all!

Sabiha, Sarah, Misty (Aspiration Tech), and Andrea say good bye on the last day of the AMC.

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