Agents of Resistance

December 15, 2016 |  By sabiha |  Categories: News

agentsThose of us who do design for social change are intimately familiar with the longstanding role art and cultural work plays in movements to resist fascism. We have been here before. The recent election results are disheartening in that they usher in scary times for the most vulnerable amongst us, and underscore how far we still are from liberation.

Many in the art/design community may be tempted to just use our creative skills to create personal expressions of their despair. That is understandable, and perhaps a period of mourning is necessary. But we also need to pull ourselves together and embrace our role as agents of resistance. We need to work with the movements who are on the front lines, doing what we do best. Contact the organizations who are doing the work, and offer to help. Remember to follow their lead—this is a collective struggle, not self-expression. Help them amplify their message. In the battle for hearts and minds we cannot be bystanders.

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